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imagetraveling with the soundsystem,,, challenging, fun,,, can be kinda strange,,,,,,,high def sound is pretty exciting,,,, something to do,,,,, open to playing unique venues if youre in need of some electronica,,,,,

guess this thing still works, sort

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image image image

still kickin,,,if anyones still checkin.

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8 months later,,,really? guess there hasnt been much to report. sittin back,watching the world ignite,,,,,


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it really is the small things that matter……….infinitely more than the latest politric,or jib trick,,,,etc.,etc.,,,,nice to remember,,,,before we destroy it all….take a look around this year…its all balanced on the finest of lines…….

life is an art….cont.,,,,

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for this holiday season,heresĀ thanks to those that have helped me get by along the way.not that i mind sleeping in the dirt.,,ya’ll know the story,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cash poor,friend rich,,,,,,,,,

custom tattoo,rock climbing,eclectic music

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thats whats on tap for fall.freshly painted studio to work in,and the temps are finally decent.looks like a bunch of people are trackin me down for artwork all over the place,if you,d like an appointment,better get in can message me at my page on facebook,turecki inc..

from modern art to commercial art/all over the map

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