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So , what happened ?

I hear that a lot , when people see me after a tour. It always send me into a bit of a trance.

It’s not that I don’t like talking to people. In spite of the recluse image , I value quality communication., And enjoy new scenes. It’s just that there’s never enough time or resources to get out a lot. There’s a lot of art to be done, and I do engage that rat race like everyone else , in my own special way.

It’s the volume of the experiences that does it. I still haven’t learned to glass through life , unaffected by what I see. And I see quite a lot.

Sometimes I can get jaded enough that I start to not notice things, and begin to comfortably and mindlessly drift , but something always brings me back , like a club to the dome , as they say. Some highest of the high experiences , coupled with witnessing the hardest edges of reality can keep one in an acutely observational and aware state. Your vision of an artist might be rather glamorous , but I’m here to say it’s a raw and unfiltered way to live. You have to be open to things , but not all things are awesome.

My drive as an artist has always been about using art to help the things I can , on all levels , through the act of conscious creativity , and to manifest a few of my own dreams through the same process. It’s been quite a ride/battle/process/learning experience , and the paradox is strong out there these days. These are not times for the meek. The mind-blowing global validation of my sonic and graphic art is almost unbelievable , and can be such high energy it’s hard to contain properly.  But theres still all the things and friends you can’t help properly either. There’s the people who want to take advantage of your necessarily open demeanor , the hustles , the posers.

There’s your best friends losing it or having accidents you can do absolutely nothing to prevent. There’s the money flow issues , and you might even find yourself homeless ,while you’re still trying to sort the rest of that out. There’s the jealous people that will try to break you to boost their own twisted mental status.

Occasionally you have the best experience of your life playing a set in an amazing place or having an honest interaction , or something , and that couple of hours somehow balances everything , completely. It’s almost bipolar.

If I’ve learned anything about all of this , it’s to pay attention to the background noise , that barely audible mix of the sounds and textures of the energies and frequencies of life and the universe., And the messages presented within that realm.  The overall energetic ring to things. The resonance of the scene.

It doesn’t lie.

I see so many situations where people make assumptions about how things should be , more based on their programming than what they actually experience. I do it myself. We see our preconcieved notions and belief systems rather than what’s happening in front of us. We try to make the now and future perform to our standards. We dwell in the comfort of the rare successes, or those of others were told to envy, as if they’re normal ,and measure all things by that. It warps the reality we occupy.

If we could all take a step back for a minute , and listen to the hum , the energetic resonance of our and others situations , I think we could do a lot better at working out all that stuff that comes in between things. You know , an honest non agendized perspective might actually allow one to see the truth , and act accordingly to promote or correct things.

I know it’s a tall order.

But I also know that at those amazing shows/trips/adventures, when it’s done , and the Soundsystem etc. is gone , there’s still a current of energy that remains and projects endlessly affecting everything it encounters. That resonance remains forever..

So let’s do more of that.

What kind do you create?

Guess it’s time to hit the road again..

Peace out there..




the matrix of underground

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What keeps this project glued together I’m not sure. Maybe there’s nothing else to do , or maybe there’s some actual artistry happening , its hard to tell some days. There’s still bills and all that grinding in the background. I didn’t become rich.

Apparently though there’s been quite a few people listening in , and I’m grateful for that. There’ll be the usual links later , but for a moment lets consider my “scene”, which isn’t mine but I do participate as much as possible.

The global underground music scene is still alive I’m happy to report , but its different now . It should always be adapting. Its internet driven now , allowing artists to share ideas almost in real time across vast distance, and it was necessary, to skirt the corporate control on getting those ideas out. That sort of thing definitely still happens on many levels , but the bigger picture is its an organism now that has some voice and a little independence from the systems. Its not a money maker , but the dedication to the art I see and hear lately is a whole new level. Me in a carport or a makeshift studio in the middle of nowhere , people in Poland or Greece or Tokyo sitting in bare rooms cranking out top end mixing , eating ramen noodles. You probably wont see them at festivals much. Forgetting the rent , scraping to get a new used mixer cause someone spilled a beer on the last one , friends freaking about the fact you haven’t taken your headphones off for 5 days , you know , all that.  We’ve got 1 thing in common , we love sound , and know what to do with it. Maybe if there’s enough good sound out in the world , it will be a better place. Hard sayin’ but its good to have goals.

In the meantime people will be trying to sonically describe the energies of the universe , and sharing it small scale. The rock star thing wouldn’t suit most of us , We’ll probably mostly fade back to nothing ,but I hope the beats remain.

Peace out there….   ;its a thumper, check out the full archive..




Voyages through sound ……

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11119525_10153157952472415_6514813332881964748_n 1925020_10152925977299640_2918733252115074508_n 10003155_10152329214874640_25621085_n 10686766_10152736337304640_6797728224928979605_n 11165005_10153174425327415_4005773365610011738_n 10440975_10153272635522415_981722051229721622_n 1503361_10152968548714640_7089983037339108956_nimageimageAdventures in sound happen on so many different levels. The amazing places you get to go : the places you have to go to make it work. The plethora of social perspectives : dramas, cool people and really freaky people. The late night cops cleaning up the sidewalk scene at 3:30 am when your loading up. backroads,highways, camping in the truck behind the venue counting the minutes,, camping at amazing art festivals. Gas money , donated sets , car jackers late night. People that cant believe what you just played , friends that cant believe that crap you’re playing.Gig deals , endless emails. The sound system. The mixing. Finding material. Making material. Noise citations. Auto mechanics………. Overall its pretty interesting. Can be a grind like any other. Theres the good energy and the bad kind…….


in the end its all about the sound…..11796425_10153358155332415_1742745090453719188_n

east the middle of the apocalypse

grooves,concious people,traveling time ,space,and chaos within the unified field

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Guess my next post might have photos,the net doesnt seem to be functioning optimally. I suppose it’ll be in another year but maybe ill try harder this time. Maybe not.

So whats new…?  Nothing,its always been a state of transitions where nothing is ever the same.. Everything,the entire world is evolving. Hasnt it hit you square in the chops yet?  Its the standard old question anyway, I never know how to respond to that. You’d think i’d of made up some standard story by now , but i hate repeating myself.

I climb and ski less because thats the way it needs to be ,but i play lots more music people seem to dig, and get to see inspired art. Theres a balance if you look for it. Its hard to surf if you dont.

it gives me something to strive for.

Venturing through the chaos of the vestiges of modern culture has been eye opening. Unlike mountain travel where one might seek a retreat , art journeys put one in the midst of it all. Thats the point. Without observers what good is fine art really. The places in between have seemed challenging and increasingly alien in their syntheticness.

The destinations though;, nature struggling through trying to represent as best it can , amongst abuse from literally all sides….,people settling into greater understandings of what concious might be,and their relation to the space and time and planet they cohabitate with everything living here. Alternative energy that works. Simplifications. There are hopeful things. Mostly I just feel at home in those places,like maybe i could relax for a minute or two. These things are inspiring.

I’m thankful the universe could provide some grooves, both a soundtrack and a ticket to the experience. Its been the most intricate venue ever.

Ill be out touring a bit with the soundsystem again this year..but hopefully a little more chill than last year,with more meaningful events. Its not like I’ll ever get rich,so maybe cut some stress ,and up the quality,, Stop by and say hi if you get a chance.


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imagetraveling with the soundsystem,,, challenging, fun,,, can be kinda strange,,,,,,,high def sound is pretty exciting,,,, something to do,,,,, open to playing unique venues if youre in need of some electronica,,,,,

guess this thing still works, sort

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image image image

still kickin,,,if anyones still checkin.

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8 months later,,,really? guess there hasnt been much to report. sittin back,watching the world ignite,,,,,